Road and Site Excavations

Road and Site Excavations

Lockley Civils Roadworks and Surfacing experience begins with the survey process, combines planning and concludes with the final surface application – all on time and within budget.

When planning roadworks we continually adopt a principle of sustainability and recycle existing materials where possible to use as sub-base layers, this policy offers economies in time, money and waste management.

Roadworks covers a wide range of activities under one umbrella and as a client you can be confident in Lockley Civils experience throughout the process from, construction of sub-stucture, to cold milling of existing surfaces and final surfacing and dressing.

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Our Credentials

Lockley Civils are committed to providing the safest and most professional working environment for its workforce, site visitors and the general public. Promoting health and safety is a top priority within the company and our proactive approach ensures that all Lockley Civils employees play an integral part in maintaining the highest of standards.

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