Sewers and Drainage

Sewers and Drainage

Lockley Civils are a friendly team of skilled professionals offering expert Sewer and Drainage connections in Cornwall and Devon.

Connection to existing main sewers requires a professional company that understands the laws and regulations that are in place to ensure that waste and surface water can be channelled away from a property safely and effectively.

Once Sewerage connections are complete, a Certificate of Satisfactory Inspection is required. Professional workmanship is one of the key aspects assessed by the Authorities, therefore selecting the professional services of a reputed drainage and sewage specialist is the only way to ensure first time approval.

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Our Credentials

Lockley Civils are committed to providing the safest and most professional working environment for its workforce, site visitors and the general public. Promoting health and safety is a top priority within the company and our proactive approach ensures that all Lockley Civils employees play an integral part in maintaining the highest of standards.

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